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Before You Travel, Do This to Your Phone

I recently had my phone stolen while traveling to Iceland, and fortunately, I was able to recover everything within a few days except a dozen pictures and a few application specific items like my list for my packing list app. Even if you haven't explicitly made an effort to backup your data you may be in luck as Google, Apple and your organization (if it's a work phone) may have automagically set some of these up for you. This tutorial will guide you through most of the steps to ensure that if your phone is lost, damaged or stolen while abroad you will be able to recover your data AND ensure no one else does. Take a full backup before you leave. This will ensure that if something goes wrong you will at least be able to recover to the point before you left on your trip. Use iTunes [...]


1 week before the 2010 Stone Temple 8 Race. Scouting out the single track at Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming. Hero Go Pro helmet cam. Music: Escala - Clubbed to Death


This was the second year I raced the Laramie Enduro, improving on my previous time by almost 2 hours! I've done the Enduro, Gowdy Grinder, 40 in the Fort, Gunnison Growler, Stone Temple 8 and the Laramie Enduro is still my favorite mountain bike race. The rest are still incredibly fun but overall, the Enduro is the best organized, supported and offers the best combination of technical and flowing trail. Plus, it's one giant loop, you don't re-ride a single section! 111K Endurance Mountain Bike Race - Filmed with a Hero GoPro - Music by The Crystal Method - Filmed and Edited by Jess Watts (Racer 552, 7:46)